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  • Carly Raynsford

9 things you need to know before wedding dress shopping!

Are you planning on going wedding dress shopping soon?

If so, here are some key things to think about!

1.What day will you go?

It's easy to assume that you should go on a Saturday if you work a typical 9-5 week, however to make it more of a leisurely experience try go mid-week when less busy.

2.Who are you taking with you?

“Ask yourself, do you trust them to be honest with you but kind and sensitive too, towards your feelings? It's a tricky one for sure, so make sure you pick the right people who will also listen to you.

3. What is your budget?

Be prepared to buy, you are finally going dress shopping. Be up front with what you are willing to spend, so that the right 'priced' dresses are shown to you, as pricing can be quite secretive in a wedding shop.

4. Would you consider a sample dress?

If you have a limited budget, then this is a great way to make it go further, lot's of wedding shops sell sample dresses for a much cheaper price, so it is worth considering, especially if you find the right dress.

5. Read the reviews!

“Don’t be fooled by glossy websites and lots of Google listings if there are no genuine reviews online to back that up. Honesty and transparency are absolutely imperative when it comes to your wedding dress”

6. What hairstyle and makeup will you have?

If you are wearing your hair down then you need to consider that when dress shopping, you don't want an overly embellished neckline that your hair will get tangled in and if you are wearing your hair up then look at dresses with a boat neck, also known as a bateau neck.

7. Have you bought your shoes yet?

If so, make sure to take them with you, you will get a much better idea of what style you are going for and how the dress falls when wearing them.

8. What is your venue like and is there a theme?

If you’re marrying in a rustic barn wedding venue, you probably want something a bit more boho to suit the surroundings, whereas a stately home wedding venue suits a more traditional ball gown

9. It might be hard work?

How we see it on TV, isn't always the reality when trying to find 'the one' however do not be disheartened, it can take a few different boutiques or you might be lucky and find your dream dress in the first one. If you do feel burnt out by dress shopping, take your time ( if time allows you ) as the right one is out there and when you do, you will look beautiful

Good Luck and Happy Shopping !!

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