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  • Carly Raynsford

7 Hidden Wedding Costs

With all the excitement of getting engaged, this is something that can be easily missed!!!

Even with our budget in mind, or parents donating so kindly, we will still go over, and sometimes beyond... so here are 7 frequent costs that you need to be aware of when planning your wedding..

Value Added Tax

Which we know as the dreaded VAT, make sure when you are checking the quotes from your suppliers, that they include VAT , it is very easy to overlook this one!

NON Approved Suppliers

Some venues may have approved suppliers in place already, especially to caterers, however they may say you can bring in your own, but there may be an additional charge. Just be wary!


This is a fee charged by the venue or caterer to open and pour your own alcohol that you have provided.. this is normally charged per bottle, however not everyone charges corkage! It's not a rule of thumb, so always check this one!

Travel & Accommodation

If you are a photographer that is a few Counties away, you are likely to charge for petrol costs or even a hotel for the night.. some might even come the night before the wedding day, depending how long they are needed for? This might apply to other suppliers as well.. it's always best to start your supplier search locally!

Minimum Numbers

If you only have 80 guests, and the minimum number is 100, you will still have to pay to cover the difference! They wont make 100 meals, but they will charge for it.. Always read the catering contract!

Sound & Production

Always check with the DJ and Band if any additional kit will be required? Especially if a large band, as they may need a sound engineer or even extra wireless microphones. This cost can really sneak up on you!

Breakdown & Clear UP

Is this your responsibility or the venues? Obviously if this is down to the venue, there will be an additional fee, or fingers crossed, included, but always worth asking!

So there are your 7 hidden costs, always make sure you double check everything, so there are no financial hidden surprises!

If you do feel like you need some support, please do get in touch, otherwise I wish you a very BEAUTIFUL WEDDING DAY!

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