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  • Carly Raynsford

What are the top 4 things your wedding guests actually care about?

We all know that weddings can be very stressful with a huge endless list of things to do!

However the truth of the matter is, there are only less than a handful of things that your guests actually care about and I can promise you now, there are quite a lot of things they don't, which can be a bit disheartening considering how much time and money you have put into your big day.

So what are they?

Let's start with the obvious..


A good meal will keep the wedding vibes going but a bad meal could bring down the mood, so always make sure your food choices are crowd-pleasers. Also don't forget about vegetarians, vegans and any special dietary requirements or more importantly, allergies.


Weddings and booze really do go very well together. Bottom line is, keep the drinks flowing, make sure there is a fully stocked bar and also some cocktail choices. This will keep your guests in high spirits all night long. If you can stretch the budget to a free bar, this would actually be their favourite part.


Make sure your music list is on point. This way everyone will get on the dancefloor a lot earlier and unite a crowd to keep moving. Its a good idea to do a music suggestions box!


Consider the time of year for weather purposes and try picking a unique venue, but not one that is a trek to get to, especially if no option to stay. Guests like to be able to collect their cars the next day with ease especially with a fuzzy head.

Most importantly, just remember this is your day. All your guests should be there with love and support, no matter what.

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Happy Planning!

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