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Why You Should Consider Hiring a Wedding Day Coordinator? Here is everything you need to know!

If you can identify with one or more of these statements, then you should definitely consider hiring a Wedding Day Coordinator

  • You would love to have a Complete Wedding Planner to manage every aspect of your special day, taking all the stress away, but you can’t stretch your budget that far. This is a scenario many couples face when working out their budget, as a Complete Wedding Planning service can cost anything upwards of £9,000; a figure that is probably making your eyes water and toes curl, right? Thankfully, there are other options (halleluiah!) that are much more affordable and still offer a really valuable service allowing you to focus on nothing more than enjoying your special day. This service comes in the form of a Wedding Day Coordinator. The cost of which is anything up to £1,500, which for many couples is much more realistic and affordable figure. Especially if they are stepping in to finalise the last few weeks for you where things can often start to feel overwhelming. There are many Wedding Day Coordinators out there who can work with you for well within your budget, offering a service which will undoubtedly take some of the stress and last-minute panic away, which can make all the difference.

  • You are going for a dry hire or marquee wedding, meaning you can then hand the reigns over AND they will manage all the vendors and ensure the day comes together smoothly and as planned, whilst all you need to do is focus on savouring every moment of your wedding day.

  • You already have a “Wedding Planner” as part of your venue cost, but you would prefer someone external, so they are solely working for you and your wedding only. Often venues, especially hotels, will have multiple weddings/events happening at once or in quick succession, meaning the venue’s Wedding Planner may not provide the exclusive service you are looking for. They may also have other responsibilities at the hotel, which could take them away from being focused on you.

  • You are a busy couple without much spare time; perhaps you have demanding jobs, a family or other responsibilities and the prospect of planning a wedding is leaving you feeling overwhelmed, worried or frustrated.

  • You are actually super organised; you have done everything, booked everything and now you just want someone to take over on the day itself and allow you to feel completely relaxed.

Did any of these statements ring true with you?

SO, what is the difference between a Complete Wedding Planner and a Wedding Day Coordinator?

A Complete Wedding Planner essentially handles everything for the couple, from start to finish. Their tasks include orchestrating the overall design of the wedding in line with the couple’s vision, keeping the couple’s spend within budget, contract/vendor negotiations, the hiring of vendors and full execution of the vision on the day of the wedding. Plus, everything else in between.

So, what does a Wedding Day Coordinator do? They will step into the process a few weeks prior to the big day, usually to help couples who have been planning the wedding themselves up until that point.

A Wedding Day Coordinator will be logistically focused and available to you to, allowing you to feel in control and organised during the lead up to the big day. They are there to take over on the day of the wedding to ensure that all details that have been planned run smoothly. This type of service is ideal for any couple who want to do most of the planning themselves, but when the big day looms, they want a professional to execute all of their hard work and planning.

What can you expect? Here is a timeline between you and your On-The-Day Coordinator

Wedding Day Preparation

Prior to the big day, the Wedding Day Coordinator meets with the couple to understand their preferences, vision and plans for the wedding day. They then create a list of everyone involved in the wedding and what their roles are. The couple will supply names and contact information for all of the vendors and list what services are being provided. With this information, they can handle all duties going forward, making sure everything runs smoothly.

During the Ceremony

During the ceremony, the Wedding Day Coordinator ensures that all elements of the service proceed exactly as planned. They will ensure that the guests are seated correctly and in a timely fashion, the wedding party are all in place and that the music is timed perfectly and on cue.

At the Reception

Once the ceremony is complete, the guests will be directed to the location of the reception and ensure the caterer and other vendors serve the guests their drinks and food on time. In the event that gifts are brought to the reception, they will arrange the proper placement of them so everything is kept safely together.

Final duties may include directing the couple through a receiving line and managing the wedding breakfast, toasts & speeches, special dances and any thank-you announcements or gifts.

Most Wedding Day Coordinators will leave you to carry on with your evening reception once the daytime responsibilities have been completed, but if you want them to stay through to the end then you will discuss this when you plan everything in your first meeting.

The key thing to note is that a Wedding Day Coordinator won't be involved in initial design or recommending vendors like a Complete Wedding Planner would. They are instead hired to focus on the logistics of the day, fine tuning your timetable and acting as the main point of contact for all vendors.

Things to remember...

Many couples assume that their venue or caterer will take care of and coordinate everything. Of course, service levels vary, but at the heart of any supplier’s concern is running their own operation.

The Wedding Day Coordinator ensures your day is everything you have dreamed of; calmly administering every aspect, without getting in the way or making a fuss. Allowing you to focus on your vows, your guests and having an incredible time.

If you want to remember your day, the people you saw, the food you ate and the feelings you felt, a Wedding Day Coordinator can make sure you have the time to focus on nothing but your wedding.

My personal commitment to you…

Weddings are my true passion. Helping a couple in love on the most important day of their lives fills me with absolute joy and it is my honour and my duty to go above and beyond on the big day. I will make sure your elderly guests have blankets if they’re cold; I will make sure the guest who’s had a few too many doesn’t ruin your first dance; I will make sure the children don’t cut the cake before you do. It is my job to make this day the wedding your guests will be comparing every other wedding to; and it will win every time.

GET IN TOUCH for more details on my 2021/2022 special pricing offer!

Let romance take over

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