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" If you are looking for a planner for your wedding or event,  look no further! I had the joy of working with Carly on a wedding in the Autumn of 2021. My high profile clients engaged my company to help plan their special day but due the size of the wedding I needed an extraordinary additional planner.  Carly was superb! Leading up to the event and on the day itself she was nothing short of spectacular! I have worked with many planners over many years, Carly is one of the best in the industry and a delight to work with.  She is the ultimate professional and wedding fairy godmother."

Tina Reading

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" Carly and her team made getting married easy and their hard work meant that myself and my partner could enjoy the whole experience. There’s so much you don’t realise that needs doing and as the day got closer I was so so thankful we had Carly and Tina in our corner. Not only had they worked with all of our suppliers to organise timings on the day, they also stepped in the night before to find us new entertainment as ours had to cancel due to Covid. On the day they managed absolutely everything –  from feeding suppliers, setting the venue up, ensuring everything went smoothly. We can’t thank them enough and would not hesitate to recommend their services, it’s an investment well worth making to ensure your wedding is as enjoyable as possible and that you can focus on having the best day of your life."

Marcella Collins


“ I was a bridesmaid at my best friend’s wedding, it was a fantastic day.

Carly always had a smile on her face which I love as it adds to the energy. She was always on hand to it  holding my room key, notebook and brides make up which I was meant to be sorting. Honestly a pleasure to have on the day”

Isolyne Asare

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