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How to decide when to get married?

The Four Seasons

Most of us ( girls) imagine our wedding day from a very early age, and if not, we certainly start thinking about different wedding idea's when in a serious relationship!

We may not have planned the whole day out, ( well you might of) however one thing that needs to be decided early on, is what time of year to get married?

Which season would suit you best?


The season when all pastel colours like duck egg, dusky pink or even pistachio are just beautiful this time of year. Most flowers are in full bloom and evenings are lighter for longer.

Temperature wise, you get the best of both worlds, not too hot and not too cold..

This really embraces the venue choice too, having indoor and outdoor space for your guests.

Believe it or not, naturally everyone is in high spirits during Spring..

The highlight being, this season has 2 bank holidays, and everyone loves a long weekend!


This does seem to be the most popular amongst the four seasons, and for good reason too!

When we plan a summer wedding, we envisage sunshine, blue skies and laughter outdoors with champagne and canapes.

This also really extends your option for venues and allows creativity, bringing marquees or beachside locations totally alive.

The highlight being, this season includes the school holidays so if the wedding was far away or abroad, then you could extend the wedding into a family trip!


As the nights draw in and a crisp chill hangs in the air, this is such a beautiful time to marry, especially if the lighting outside is decorated with fairy lights or candles, creating that special vibe.

A wedding this season takes the pressure off having a glorious sunny day, so you wont be disappointed , however if you are lucky to have the hazy autumn sunshine, then your photo's will most certainly have an unexpected bonus. Don't forget to take advantage of autumn colours too.

The highlight being, September and October weddings tend to be much more reasonably priced!


This might be the coldest season, but winter weddings are becoming very popular, and the colour schemes are so rich and warm.

Hot food and a roaring fire goes a long way to welcome your guests, and if you are lucky to get a dusting of snow, you really are in your very own winter wonderland.

Perfect venue choices include castles and stately homes for that winter warm magical feel

The highlight being, Christmas is just around the corner and tis the season to be jolly!

So which season suits you? There are so many reasons for and against, you just have to weigh up the pro's and got for it...

With 2020 now behind us, we need to look forward and get planning!

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' Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy-tale'

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